Currently the team behind Memjogger consists of one person, i.e. me, Aleksander Łukasz, a software developer from Poland.

Memjogger’s core functionalities are based on the notion of spaced repetition learning. I’ve been introduced to these techniques many years ago by one of my high school physics textbooks which recommended them as an effective way of preparing for exams.

Since then I’ve been practicing that way of learning on numerous occasions and really appreciated the results. In fact I’m still using them today as I’m an active user of Memjogger myself.

I hope you will find this application useful and it will help you in achieving your goals. If that's the case, please drop me a line and share your experience with me.

If you want to contact me you can do so by using a contact form or sending an email directly to me at alukasz@memjogger.com.

You can see my full record in the Poland's Central Registration and Information on Business database here if you wish.

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