Remember everything you want

- become better on what you do

Memjogger automates your learning process so you can memorize & retain large amount of information easier.

Crafted for pupils, students, professionals - anyone coping with high volume of learning material

Hunting for a flashcards and/or spaced repetition learning app? is what you were looking for!

Study with confidence

Once you get across some new material you want to remember just put it into Memjogger. Now you can be sure that you will memorize it and no information will ever get lost.

Always know what to repeat

You have more important things to do than figuring out what part of material you should repeat now and what can wait a little longer. Memjogger uses special algorithms to takes care of it for you automatically.

Knowledge at your fingertips

The side effect of the way Memjogger works is that you end up with all your learning material organised, easily searchable and ready for review at any moment. Perfect before an exam or when you need to refresh some old knowledge.